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These general terms and conditions apply to all expressions, services, products and materials of Clinic Dokter Charlotte. If a specific agreement exists, such as a treatment agreement, then they are deemed to be part of this agreement.



other party  

Customers, suppliers, employees, students, contacts on social media.

Any communication from Clinic Dokter Charlotte regardless of form and medium, such as website, written and oral information, social media reports, photos, printed matter, and so on.
Photos, video recordings, advertising and promotional materials, etc.
Treatment methods, courses, information, presentations, sales and promotion of products.
The products used and supplied by Clinic Dokter Charlotte.



The expressions, services, products and materials of Clinic Dokter Charlotte are performed and delivered with the greatest possible care without undue delay. If, nevertheless, there are errors or defects in the services and/or products provided by Clinic Dokter Charlotte, these will be remedied as soon as possible insofar as this is reasonably possible.

Force majeur

Force majeure means any circumstance beyond the control of Clinic Dokter Charlotte, such as fire, flood, strike, exceptional weather conditions or government measures, pandemics, non-delivery by suppliers of Clinic Dokter Charlotte, and so on.
If it is not possible to deliver certain products, services or materials due to force majeure, Clinic Dokter Charlotte will suspend delivery and, if possible, deliver as soon as the force majeure situation has ended. If this is no longer possible, the relevant agreement will lapse. The other party cannot derive any rights from non-delivery due to force majeure. Clinic Dokter Charlotte is not liable for damage suffered by the other party as a result of non-delivery due to force majeure.


Termination agreement

If the other party does not fulfill his/her obligations towards Clinic Dokter Charlotte, or does not fulfill it in time or in full, if the other party is in a state of bankruptcy or suspension of payment, has applied for this, or if its assets have been seized, then Clinic Dokter Charlotte the right to terminate the agreement in question without notice of default, while retaining the right to any compensation.


Intellectual property rights

None of the expressions, services, products and materials of Clinic Dokter Charlotte may be copied or otherwise reproduced, digitally or analogously, without express written permission. Such permission can only be granted by Drs. Charlotte Franke and can be requested via
It is also prohibited to change the content of the website or other social media. The information provided by Clinic Dokter Charlotte (including image and sound material) on the website or in the social media is copyrighted, either by Clinic Dokter Charlotte or by suppliers of Clinic Dokter Charlotte. It is therefore strictly prohibited to copy and/or otherwise reproduce such material.
If the other party provides information (regardless of what form) via the website and/or social media, it is assumed that this is not subject to copyright, unless this is expressly indicated. If this is not expressly indicated, the Clinic Doctor Charlotte is free to use such information.


Despite the fact that the greatest possible care is taken to correctly and completely offer all expressions, products and services of Clinic Dokter Charlotte, complete satisfaction cannot be guaranteed. Clinic Dokter Charlotte is in no way liable for any direct or indirect damage as a result of or related to (the use of) the information provided or products and services provided by Clinic Dokter Charlotte (only medical cosmetic services to which the treatment agreement applies). ), unless otherwise provided by law.

References to other websites, apps or companies are for the information of the respective reader only. Clinic Dokter Charlotte cannot guarantee the content and functioning of external websites or companies, nor the quality of any products and/or services offered there. Any liability with regard to websites, apps or companies that are not of Clinic Dokter Charlotte is disclaimed.

Personal information

The other party agrees to any storage of personal data provided and to be provided in an electronic file (such as the electronic patient file) and the mailing file of Clinic Dokter Charlotte. The registered data can be used for various purposes, such as the realization of statistics, administration of the treatments or purchases, etcetera. The other party hereby expressly consents to such use. Use of the data for promotion and advertising requires separate consent from the other party.
Clinic Doctor Charlotte is responsible for these digital files. The rightholder has the right to request the relevant files, as described in the legislation for the protection of personal data. For this, a written request, with signature and copy of identification, must be submitted to Drs. Charlotte Franke via or via +31353031309.


Prices and payment

The prices for the services and products are stated on the website. The other party is obliged to pay the amounts published on the website to Clinic Dokter Charlotte as soon as he/she purchases a product or service. Any discounts must be determined in writing/digitally by Clinic Dokter Charlotte prior to the purchase of a product or service. If this has not been done, Clinic Dokter Charlotte assumes that the other party agrees with and is aware of the published rates and is obliged to pay the full amount. Clinic Doctor Charlotte has the right to request (partial) payment in advance for certain services. If such advance payment does not take place, Clinic Dokter Charlotte has the right not to provide the relevant service. If the other party comes after a treatment, product or service for a follow-up treatment, product or service, including improvement or correction of a treatment performed previously, Clinic Dokter Charlotte is entitled to use the then applicable rates as published on this website.



Do you have a complaint or are you dissatisfied with a product or service from Clinic Dokter Charlotte? If the other party is not satisfied with a service or product, the other party is expected to report this to Clinic Dokter Charlotte. If it proves impossible to satisfy the other party in mutual consultation, there is a clear complaints procedure. It is also possible to contact an independent complaints officer directly. See the complaints page for more information. A form for submitting a complaint is available via


Clinic Dokter Charlotte is free to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. After amendment, all previous versions of the General Terms and Conditions will expire. In the event that any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is unenforceable by law, the other provisions will remain in full force and effect and the relevant provision will be amended as soon as possible in such a way that it is in accordance with the law.


Applicable law and choice of forum

Dutch law applies to these conditions. Any disputes will be submitted to the Dutch court.

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