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The employees of Clinic Dokter Charlotte do their utmost to achieve the best result together with you. Attention is paid to honest advice, A-brand products and careful implementation of your treatment. Unfortunately, despite these points of attention, it is possible that you are not completely satisfied with the treatment. We take this very seriously and it is important not to continue to walk around with this dissatisfaction.


The first step in this situation is to schedule a meeting with the treating physician so that you can discuss your complaint. In many cases, the disappointment is based on a miscommunication and a satisfactory solution can be reached by talking about it.


If you cannot resolve it together, you can contact an independent complaints officer; this is a professional mediator who processes your complaint and supports you in the follow-up. Clinic Dokter Charlotte is affiliated with the licensed disputes body and complaints procedure of DOKh. DOKh also makes the independent complaints officer available.  

You can also contact the independent complaints officer directly.  


Look here for the DOKh complaints procedure.

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